Bipolar Disorder explained through GIFs

During a manic episode, I experience an increased level in energy that I would describe as a kind of “high.” I develop a heightened sense of self in which I am fun, flirty, fierce, fabulous, and fearless. “Who would not want to be me?” I am basically unstoppable.  I also do not feel the need to sleep much during periods of mania (well hypomania in my case). And I engage in reckless activities such as unrestrained shopping sprees… OR clubbing the night before a major assessment. Then the irritation begins to set in. And while I do not actually hear voices, … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder explained through GIFs

Chapter 6

I had very little hope and feared for the worst. I did not believe any tutor was capable of helping me turn my grades around… especially with only 3 weeks of the semester remaining. I was sure I was going to fail Honors Pre-Calculus. I could not begin to fathom what would happen to me if I had failed. I loathed myself. Only the thoughts of working hard, getting into NYU Stern, the school of my dreams, and having the chance to start over kept me hanging on. I just could not imagine what would happen if I had failed. … Continue reading Chapter 6