Bipolar Disorder explained through GIFs

During a manic episode, I experience an increased level in energy that I would describe as a kind of “high.”


I develop a heightened sense of self in which I am fun, flirty, fierce, fabulous, and fearless.

“Who would not want to be me?”


I am basically unstoppable. giphy2

I also do not feel the need to sleep much during periods of mania (well hypomania in my case).


And I engage in reckless activities such as unrestrained shopping sprees…


OR clubbing the night before a major assessment.


Then the irritation begins to set in.


And while I do not actually hear voices, I hear my own voice shouting at me, the endless amounts of thoughts racing through my mind.


And  I become a bit paranoid.


At this point, the mania has usually completely transformed into depression, and I immediately suffer a blow to my self-esteem. I become filled with feelings of hopelessness, abandonment, sadness, worthlessness…and the list can go on and on.


During depressive episodes, I find it incredibly difficult to function. Even daily routines such as waking up, brushing my teeth, showering, and eating seem like daunting tasks.  My energy becomes nonexistent and I lose interest in nearly everything, EXCEPT for sleeping. It seems to be my only escape.


I fear that my quality of life will never be the same again and I often contemplate living.


But, ultimately I feel a bit of relief when the cycle begins again.

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