Social Media

I have been off of social media for roughly sixteen days. I did not want to believe what they say about social media to be true, but reluctantly I must admit it is true indeed.

Social media IS addicting. I had to delete all my social media applications from my phone and log out all social networking sites on my computer in attempt to lessen the temptation. Still, I had several moments throughout the last week and a half, in which I thought, “Damn too bad I can’t snap this, or insta that.”

Last Wednesday night, I broke down and re- downloaded the Snapchat application on my phone. For a Drake concert. I think I did it because I wanted to divert attention away from my struggles and to prove that I am still capable of being a regular 20 something.

And that leads me to my next point. I spend so much time and energy on social media trying to prove myself to people, who in the grand scheme of things, really do not really matter. Consequently, I end up hindering my more meaningful connections.

My brief hiatus from social media has taught me that staying off the grid allows you to live in the moment, helps you detox your mind, and saves your phone a substantial amount of battery power. I have concluded that I will remain on social media primarily for professional purposes and for my commitment to raising awareness for mental health; however, I do not intend to re-download my phone applications.  But hey, maybe I will finally have time to answer my one hundred sixty unread text messages.

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