Outside In.

On the outside, she exudes beauty and brilliance, and wears the most radiant smile. She feels deeply, loves fiercely, and always manages to see the good in everyone. She has this infectious way in which she inspires people through her strength, confidence, and individuality. 

On the inside however, she is lonely and heavy hearted. Her heart beats out of her chest, and her body shakes. She sobs uncontrollably and gasps for air. Her mind is flooded with dark and despairing thoughts: “Why can’t I just be normal? Why won’t the pain go away? Why can’t I just get it together? Why do I ruin everything? What do I even have to live for?”

She becomes self-conscious and paranoid as her inside begins to bleed out. She tries explaining herself to people who will never understand. But still….Somehow what they think matters to her because she needs for people to love her until she can learn to love herself.

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