Never Enough 

I still have several days in which I am ready to give up, days in which I am ready to say goodbye; however, I put on brave face and I try to be okay.. But it never seems to be enough. Why can it not be enough for me to wake up every morning? Why is it not enough that I am still here?

I feel like I am constantly surrounded by extremely intelligent, successful, and driven people. Although most people do not say anything, I know what they are all thinking…”Her parents worked so hard to provide her with a quality education, and it was all for nothing. Or “She is capable of so much more. Why isn’t she doing more with her life?”

Is it not enough that I am still trying? I have never been one for slacking. If I could do more right now I would. In fact it kills me that I am not going to be graduating this spring and not going on to work a full time job in the fall. I had a plan. I wanted my own success. I still want my own success, but life is far from perfect and plans fall apart. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. It is the only way for me to remain hopeful. Having hope is not an easy feat for someone like me. So god help me please let it be enough.

One thought on “Never Enough 

  1. You and everything you do is more than enough. I, more than most, understand how much it takes for you to wake up every morning and I am SO grateful that you do. Keep on doing exactly what you need to do to survive. Don’t let anyone else’s expectations get in the way of you living your best life. I am so incredibly proud of you!

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