New Years

Most people welcome the new year with great excitement and see it as chance to start over, reinvent themselves, or make some kind of great change to their lives. For me, however, the new year represents the unknown, unforeseen misfortunes, imminent failure and disappointment. I know it is all pretty foolish since New Year’s Day is just a mark in time, but I cannot help but be reminded of how dissatisfied I am with myself. I can only envision my life going downhill from here, no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise. It is terrifying to not know what lies on the road ahead of me, and to not know if I am going to be okay. Every year I hope that things will be different, but everything seems to remain the same. All I can truthfully say is that if I cannot learn to be happy this year, I hope someone else will instead. Cheers to 2017!!

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