“Friends can break your heart too.”

You were like no one I had ever met before: exciting, intelligent, cool and quirky all at the same time. I admired your passion for art history and your bizarre fervor for motivational speeches. I never spent a dull moment with you.

I hated how you could be so inconsistent and unpredictable. You acted like a real ass whenever you hung out with your bros.

Still, I considered you to be one of my closest friends, and I felt like we really connected.

I may have not known it then, but I certainly know now that you never respected me.

I was not just some random chick you met on that fateful night. I was your friend. We talked about it.. we both agreed that we were really good friends, and that we were not going to risk the friendship… but you had to go against your word.

And then you had the nerve to never speak to me again?

I could have handled just about anything else, but I could not handle the lack of respect you had for me.

You owed me an explanation at the very least, and you owed me your honesty.  I wasted an incredible amount of time and energy obsessing over the fallout. I guess friends can break your heart too.

I still cannot fathom how easy it was for you to walk out of my life, and never look back. How easy it was for you to leave me hanging with no answers..hanging onto false hope. You made me feel completely worthless.

So I am not writing this post because I miss you, or have any hopes of rekindling our friendship. I am writing this post to bring justice to the girl who once did not have the strength to advocate for herself.

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