What it is like…

Depression makes you feel like you are constantly drowning in a deep dark ocean of emotions, gasping for air, and fighting fiercely to get back to the surface. And then you become extremely exhausted and you would like nothing more than to succumb to the tempestuous currents and let them take you away forever. 

As miserable and crippling as the depression is, living with anxiety is even worse in a way. Anxiety tends to send you on an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, in which you have no control. One minute you feel fine.. maybe even amazing, and the next minute you are sent free falling as your mind becomes cluttered and consumed with irrational thoughts and fears. You can feel a warmness wash over you as your body becomes tense, your hands tremble, your heart beats a million times a minute, and your chest becomes constricted. You feel like you are in the midst of an incredibly painful death and you are compelled to escape in ANY way possible. 

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